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Nikon D300 best price, reviews, manual, best lenses and accessories


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D300 is  Nikon’s Pro-level D-SLR with a 12.3-MP DX-format CMOS sensor.  The reviews, best lenses and accessories of Nikon D300 are all collected here for you.

D300 is one of  the best small sensor digital SLRs with many awards:

American Photo: BEST BUY for Professional DSLR’s
Popular Photography: Camera of the Year 2007
Camera Press Club (Japan): Camera Grand Prix 2008 awards -  rank No.2 Editor’s Choice Award – January 2008 “Highly Recommended” – January 2008 Dave’s Pick – February 2008
Laptop Magazine – Editors choice  – January 2008
MacLife: Editors’ Choice
PC Magazine: Editors Choice

The key features of Nikon D300 are as follows:

  • 12.3-megapixel DX-format CMOS sensor: Nikon’s exclusive digital image processing system advances DX-format image quality to new levels.
  • The 3.0-inch super density 920,000-dot VGA color monitor: 170-degree, wide-angle viewing and tempered-glass protection makes critical image review possible.
  • Continuous shooting from 6 frames per second up to 8 frames per second*: The new optional MB-D10 multi-power battery pack makes the D300 a powerful performer for a wide variety of shooting disciplines.
  • Low-noise files at ISO from 200-3200; The D300′s DX-format CMOS sensor, with a high signal-to-noise ratio, empowers photographers to produce exceptionally clean files from a broad 200-3200 ISO range. Expanded range of options include Lo-1(ISO 100 equivalent) and Hi-1(ISO 6400 equivalent).
  • Fast, accurate 51-point auto focus with 3D focus tracking and three dynamic AF modes: Exacting auto focus precision at blazing speeds!
  • Nikon’s exclusive Scene Recognition System (SRS): The improved 1,005-pixel 3D Color Matrix Metering II provides even more intelligent auto exposure capabilities, along with smarter auto white balance detection and faster, more accurate AF performance.
  • Nikon’s exclusive EXPEED Image Processing Concept: The foundation of Nikon’s newest Image Processing Systems, EXPEED culminates the concepts, innovations and years of Nikon’s digital image processing technologies at blazing processing speeds.
  • Selectable 12-Bit or 14-Bit A/D Conversion: The choice of selecting bit-depths at 12-bit (4,096 tones) or 14-bit (16,384 tones), both yielding incredible image quality through a full 16-bit processing pipeline, enables photographers to choose smaller files at faster operating speeds, as opposed to larger files with smoother tonal gradations at slower operating speeds.
  • Dynamic integrated dust reduction system: Self-cleaning ultrasonic sensor unit minimizes degradation of image quality due to dust particles.
  • Two LiveView shooting modes: Use either hand-held or tripod when shooting in a studio, remote situations or from challenging angles.
  • New Picture Control settings: Advanced color control with 4 preset options; standard, neutral, vivid and monochrome, as well as 9 customizable settings.
  • Nikon’s Active D-Lighting Image enhancement: Provided on the fly while shooting, Active D-lighting produces broader tone reproduction in both shadows and highlights by controlling light intensity and exposure compensation while applying localized tone control technology to achieve the right level of contrast across the entire image for sharp, detailed results.
  • Rugged magnesium-alloy construction: Along with advanced dust and moisture protection and a durable shutter mechanism: The D300 has been tested to 150,000 cycles making it the perfect choice for photographers who demand high performance and agility.

Nikon D300 and other nikon DSLRs comparison, read more here.

Nikon D300 manual can be downloaded here.

Reviews of Nikon D300:

Nikon D300 review from dpreview:

Nikon has worked hard to deliver both better image quality and better performance; you get usable images up to ISO 3200, extended image parameter control, improved dynamic range, automatic CA removal, a new AF sensor, AF tracking by color and scene recognition.

Nikon D300 review by Scott Kelby

Nikon D300 review by Ken Rockwell

Cnet review of Nikon D300

Excellent performance and photo quality; solidly built; extremely flexible custom settings architecture; onboard wireless flash controller.

Nikon D300 review by Thom Hogan

Nikon D300 review by Imaging resource

Best lenses for Nikon D300

The best walk around lens is Nikkor 17-55mm f/2.8G AF-S. This is a professional grade lens with high building quality and image quality.  The only issue is the lack of VR, which limits its use under low light.

The best telephoto lens is Nikkor 70-200mm f/2.8 G ED VR.

This is an excellent lens with high image quality, building quality and VR.  For more details on macro lenses, portrait lenses, etc.  Please read the following posts on Nikon lenses recommendations:

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You will also need filters:

The best polarizing filters

The best UV filters

Nikon D300 accessories:

Nikon Digital & Film SLR System Case

Lowepro SlingShot 100 All-Weather Digital Camera Backpack

Nikon MB-D10 Multi Power Battery Pack for Nikon D300

Nikon SB-900 AF Speedlight Flash for Nikon Digital SLR Cameras

Nikon ML-L3 Wireless Remote Control

The competitive product of Nikon D300 is Canon 40D

Nikon D300 and Canon 40D comparison

Canon 40D and Canon 50D

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    you have to email the retailer to see first if they can sell to your country. Second, which kind of payment they accept.

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