Monday, April 21st, 2014

How to use Google voice to send and receive free SMS


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  • To send an SMS, click on SMS button above Inbox.  Enter the cell phone number, type your message and click on Send to send out the SMS
  • To reply an SMS, click on Reply below the SMS you received and type your text message. Then, click Send.  You can also do this from your cell phone, but your mobile carrier may charge you for this.
  • Send an SMS through your Contacts list: Click Contacts on the left side of the page. Select the checkbox next to the contact you’d like to send an SMS to, and click the SMS link next to the appropriate number.
  • You can also reply by SMS to a voicemail or call: Click the Reply drop-down menu and select SMS.

Trick: SMS sent from Google voice is from 1-406-xxx-xxxx. Reply to the SMS sent from Google voice will send to your google voice inbox and also copy to your cell phone.  Your cell phone may charge the messages receive. To avoid this charge, you have to delete your cell phone number from your settings. If you want to read the reply on your cell phone then you need to keep your cell phone number in Google Voice settings.

Note: You can only send SMS to US cell phones.


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One Response to “How to use Google voice to send and receive free SMS”
  1. John Silverman says:

    There is no “Reply” button. You mean click on “Text” or the rectangular box below the SMS message.
    Enter your reply and click “send”

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