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How to send text messages, pictures or songs from pc to cell phone


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If you are like me: there is no cell phone signal at work and Instant messages are not allowed. How can you send text messages to a cell phone.

As a matter of fact, you can send free messages to a cell phone from your e-mails although the message receiver has to pay the regular fee for the text message. You can just e-mail the cell phone using the following as the address for different cell phone carriers.  Please note: some carriers don’t support MMS.  Some cell phones only support text messages (SMS) not support MMS.

  • Alltel: phone
  • AT&T for SMS, for MMS
  • Nextel: phonenumber@messaging.nextel.comT-Mobile:
  • Verizon: for SMS:,   for MMS:
  • Virgin Mobile:
  • Sprint:
  • US Cellular: phone (SMS)  phone (MMS)

You can also send pictures to cell phones too, just keep in mind the file size has to be small.

To send pictures or mp3 songs, simple attaching the picture or mp3 in the e-mail and send to the cell phone using the address above according to the cell phone carrier.

In addition, you can send messages from pc to cellphone through the IM, such as MSN IM Yahoo IM etc.

For the exclusive list (please not many of them are only as a reference since I did not test them)

7-11 Speakout (USA GSM)

3 River Wireless

Advantage Communications =

Airtel (Karnataka, India)

Airtouch Pagers =

Airtouch Pagers =

Airtouch Pagers =

Airtouch Pagers =


Alltel =

Alltel PCS =

Ameritech Paging =

Ameritech Paging =

Ameritech Clearpath =


Arch Pagers (PageNet) =

Arch Pagers (PageNet) =

Aruba setar =

AT&T =


AT&T Pocketnet PCS =

Beepwear =

Bell Atlantic =

Bell Canada: =

Bell Mobility & Solo Mobile (Canada) =

Bell South (Blackberry) =

Bell South =

Bell South =

Bell South =

BigRedGiant Mobile Solutions =

Boost Mobile =

BPL Mobile (Mumbai, India) =

Carolina Mobile Communications =

Cellcom =

Cellular One East Coast =

Cellular One South West =

Cellular One PCS =

Cellular One =

Cellular One =

Cellular One =

Cellular One =

Cellular One =

Cellular One =

Cellular South =

Centennial Wireless =

Central Vermont Communications =

Cingular Wirelss =

Cingular Wirelss =

Cingular Wirelss =

Claro (Nicaragua) =

Clearnet =

Comcast =

Comcel =

Communication Specialists =

Communication Specialist Companies

Cook Paging =

Cricket = (SMS)


Digicel Aruba =

Digicel Curacao=

Digicel Barbados=

Digicel Bonaire=

Digicel Cayman=

Digicel Grenada=

Digicel St. Lucia=

Digicel St. Vincent=

Digi-Page / Page Kansas =

Einstein PCS =

Fido =

General Communications Inc. =

Globalstar (satellite) =

GrayLink / Porta-Phone =




Helio =

Houston Cellular =

Illinois Valley Cellular =

Infopage Systems

The Indiana Paging Co

Iridium (satellite) =

i wireless =

JSM Tele-Page

Koodo Mobile (Canada) =

Lauttamus Communication =

MCI Phone =


Mero Mobile (Nepal)

Meteor (Ireland) =

Metrocall =

Metrocall 2-way =

MetroPCS =

Mobile = Arch Pagers (PageNet) =

Mobilecomm =

Mobitel (Sri Lanka) =

Morris Wireless =

Motient =

Movicom =

Movistar (Colombia) =

MTN (South Africa) =

MTS (Canada) =

Nextel =

Nextel =

Nextel (Argentina)

Nextel =

Ntelos =

Omnipoint =

Omnipoint =

OnlineBeep =

Orange Polska (Poland)

Pacific Bell =

PageMart =

PageMart Advanced /2way =

PageMart Canada =

PageNet Canada =

PageOne NorthWest =

Personal (Argentina) =

Plus GSM (Poland)

Primco =

President’s Choice (Canada) =

ProPage =

Qwest =

RAM Page =

Rogers Wireless (Canada) =

Sasktel (Canada) =

Satellink =

SBC Ameritech Paging =

Setar Mobile email (Aruba)

Skytel Pagers =

Skytel Pagers =

SL Interactive (Australia) =

Southern LINC =

Southwestern Bell =

Sprint = or

Sprint PCS = or

ST Paging

SunCom =

SunCom =

T-Mobile =

T-Mobile =

T-Mobile (Austria) =

T-Mobile (UK) =

Telus Mobility (Canada) =

Teletouch =

Thumb Cellular =

Tigo (Formerly Ola) =

Tracfone (prepaid) =

TSR Wireless =

TSR Wireless =

Unicel =

US Cellular =

US West =

Virgin Mobile (Canada) =

Verizon Pagers =

Verizon PCS =

Verizon PCS =

Vodacom (South Africa) =

VoiceStream / T-Mobile =

WebLink Wiereless =

WebLink Wiereless =

Wyndtell =


MobiPCS (Hawaii only) =

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73 Responses to “How to send text messages, pictures or songs from pc to cell phone”
  1. Sly says:

    When sending a picture to a cellular phone, what do recommend the picture size and resolution setting?

  2. Norman says:

    It depend on the cell phone. But for most cell phones 600×480 is a good size

  3. Norman says:

    It depend on the cell phone. But for most cell phones 600×480 is a good size ca 70kb

  4. C DAWG says:

    thanks so much! Now i have cooler pics! XD

  5. shean says:

    is this free? like do you have to pay if you have unlimited texting?

  6. Norman says:

    you don’t have to pay to send from PC, but the person who received the message has to pay if he or she does not have unlimited messages.

  7. Chris says:

    When sending pics from PC to Cell how do you enter the phone# in address bar
    do you enter 1 then the area code then 7 digit # or
    area code then the 7 digit # or
    just the 7 digit # ??

    I’m using ‘Tracfone’ prepaid.

  8. Norman says:

    Most of the time, you don’t need to put 1 in the front. But i have not checked with every phone, so if not work without one put one.

  9. teresa says:

    i’ve tried to send a picture that i have on my computer to my cellphone but it just says alot of words n says to go to a website

  10. Norman says:

    You cell phone not support picture message

  11. moonlight says:

    wats the address for sending picture messages to telus mobility?

  12. help? says:

    i DO get picture messages but when i try to send pictures from my email to my phone, it says alot of words and to go to something

  13. Norman says:

    You have to go to a website to retrieve the picture I think

  14. Doodle says:

    Can I use for sending pictures from phone to email and since I only have unlimited texting do I have to pay sending pictures to email from phone?

  15. Norman says:

    you need to use and you don’t have to pay. Good luck!

  16. ninjaman says:

    how long does it usually take ?

  17. Norman says:

    depending on network, it should be in mins

  18. Kim says:

    Thankyou — Ive been trying to figure this one out for a while. Now I can send my favorite tunes to my phones. Im a happy camper :o )

  19. emmanuel says:

    i am Emmanuel just wanted to know if i can send sms from pc using my mtn number to my freinds.

  20. John Gaylor says:

    How do they send a text back? Is there a number they would use?

  21. John Gaylor says:


  22. Jennifer says:

    Hello, I was wondering “exactly” what is it I am supposed to put into the “send to” in order to get a link sent to my phone?

    Thank you

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