Thursday, April 17th, 2014

How to send / receive multimedia messages from iPhone 3G/3GS


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iPhone MMS is now officially available for iPhone 3G/3Gs users. To use MMS, first you need to connect your iPhone 3G or 3GS  to iTune and run an update. (You need to use iPhone 3.0 or later to use MMS service).  Then restart your iPhone.  You will see a camera icon on the left.  Touch the camera icon, you will get the following screen.  You can either take a photo, video or choose photo, video from your iPhone to send in MMS.  If you write the text before you touch the camera icon, the text will be before the photo or video.  If you touch the icon first and then take photo or video or choose the exiting photo or video and then write text, the photo or video will be before your text in the MMS.

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46 Responses to “How to send / receive multimedia messages from iPhone 3G/3GS”
  1. Karin Johnson says:

    Do you know the email for Rogers users in Canada?

  2. Jessica N says:

    Do you know the email is for US Cellular?

  3. Amauris says:

    has anyone confirmed this to work from the iphone to say a cheap flip phone that can send and receive mms?

  4. Netmark says:

    US Cellular =

    I have added a full list of carriers.

  5. Netmark says:

    To Amauris:

    I have used this methods to send messages to T- mobile and ATT cell phones all the times. It works very well!

    Good luck and please let me know if there is any problem.

  6. moneenfan says:

    how do you know the address for aliant (Bell) in canada?
    also will this work using the ipod touch through emails?

  7. Netmark says:

    Please try to use I have not confirmed this. You can use iPod touch to send e-mail.

  8. Allison says:

    If my friend doesnt have email on their phone but wants to send me a multimedia message to my Iphone 3g, how do they do that? they dont have a way of sending it to my email so is there a code or will i just have to go through the same “” thing?

  9. Netmark says:


    First you have to send them a message on their phone using your e-mail on iPhone. Then they simply reply your message with a MMS. You will be able to open the MMS in your iPhone E-mail. I use this method to send and receive MMS with my friends all the time and it works nice. If they can send MMS to e-mail by mms on their phone then can simply send mms to your email address using their SMS/MMS


  10. LazyMonkIE says:

    Does anyone know the addresses for UK services like other O2 users, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Virgin, 3 …

  11. jim says:

    do u have a way to send pictures from my iPhone to a friend who has the carrier Cricket? I noticed ways for all other carriers except that one.. Thank u

  12. Netmark says:


    Try Let me know if work or not. Thanks.


  13. jim says:

    I also notice the sites for sprint don’t work. I’ve tried Didn’t know if sprint can receive pics or if there’s something else I can try. Thanks

  14. Netmark says:


    I googled sprint MMS, it is Sprint = Several sources all give this address. Good luck.

    see this post on MacWorld.

  15. jim says:

    thanks. That sprint address isn’t workin, I didn’t know if anyone else was able to send to sprint or if they were havin problems too. Thanks for cricket address, the MSG went thru but they weren’t able to download the pic..any other suggestions? Thanks

  16. Netmark says:


    Could be the phone. Some phones not support MMS, like iPhone.
    Did the message give a website to download the pic? Some Networks do that.

    Good luck.


  17. JROD says:

    Many apple drones will state that “MMS is inferior and that sending images through email is superior” Yeah, why don’t you say SMS texting is inferior to email as well. And the little “shortcut” they have just sucks. There is no bypass for real, working MMS 99.9999% of people have on their phones that cost a fraction I paid for this. You hear me APPLE!?!?!?!
    Want an example? Here:

    Person: That’s a cool image, can you text it to me? You: Sure, who’s your carrier? Person: Uh, verizon. You: Ok, give me a min I have to look up the extension on the internet to add to your phone number so I can send you this image, it’s a MMS work around. Person: What a hassle, don’t you have MMS on that 500 phone? You: No, I don’t, and yes it is a hassle. (5 min later) You: I sent it, did you get it? Person: No. You: Wait a sec, I need to check my email, rats, it says unable to send “fatal error”. You: I’ll email it to you so you can get it. Person: I don’t have internet on this phone and don’t know how to get it off my computer to my phone, never mind. You: Oh, ok. sorry.

    Or if that person wants to send you a image.

    Person: I have this image of a bear holding a heart that says “I love you” want it for your (whoever)? You: Sure. Person: What’s your number? You: 555-555-5555 Person: There I sent it, did you get it. You: Yes, well sort of, I need a pen and paper to write down this password and message ID so I can log on to this web link to see it. Person: What a hassle… (10 min later) You: It seems I can’t see it, it says “error viewing image” Person: Wow, that sucks. You: I know, I’ll try again in a few. (5 min later) Person: Get it yet? You: Nope, still can’t view it, what type of image is it? Person: Animated gif, the heart flashes. You: Oh, I can view that on my iphone, I’ll have to check it when I get home and sync it to my phone. Person: Damn, I got this phone for free and I can instantly send images and you can’t even view it on your 500 phone, I’m never getting an iphone….

    SO, you hear me ATT and APPLE you HEADS!!!! Pull your heads out of each other’s ass, stop blocking those that took the incentive and had to jailbreak their phones to ADD function to their phones you left out. And yes, att is trying everything and working hard thwarting those that are adding MMS to their phones…. OR, add MMS or allow a program/s to do so….

  18. Jim says:

    What’s the email to send pics to revol customers in Ohio?

  19. dennis hodges says:

    ive tried this a few times and also using the at&t address and keep getting the failure to deliver message in my email. what a bummer. common apple, get it together!

  20. Lou says:

    Email may be “superior”, as some have said, but not nearly as spontaneous when you want to send a picture to someone. Especially when people want to SEND me an MMS. Am I supposed to notify everyone on my contact list to email me if they ever want to send me a pic on the fly? And am I going to bother asking everyone on my contact list who their provider or what their email is? Geez, Apple, for a company so big on intuitiveness, this is a no-brainer. Or did the powers-that-be simply decide that email was more elegant than MMS, and try to shift consumer demand in that direction by sheer force of market share? In some ways, they might be right. Many of us were aware of the lack of MMS capabilities and bought the damn thing anyway. Now we have a cool tech gadget with tons of apps that just happens to also be a crappy phone. We’ll see what happens when the contracts of the initial wave of iphone buyers start to expire. Give customers what they want, not what you think we should want.

  21. pramod says:

    how to send thru singtel (singapore)

  22. Kathie says:

    How long does it take for the recipient to receive the MMS I send through email to someones cell?

  23. Netmark says:

    Good question. Most of the time it is quick within minutes. But sometimes it takes a while.

  24. Hope says:

    Hey. Just wanted to say thanks for so much information and for it to be understandable. Not being able to send picture messages almost talked me out of the iPhone. Now I’m glad I bought thanks to people like u who will share your knowledge! Thanks again!


  25. Chris says:

    Do I need to set up an e-mail acct. on my iPhone to make this work, like I did for my “real” e-mail accounts? I sent a message using, both from my own iPhone and from Windows messaging and never got the e-mail.

  26. Netmark says:

    iPhone did not support mms at the moment. But will soon

  27. saul says:

    I’ve been all over the web and came across this on you tube.

  28. Sam says:

    Damn, I see Sinister beat me to it but yeah, I agree this is an awesome app that you must have along with the viewer it makes living with the i Phone a lot easier. With the viewer you don’t have to type the stupid long user name and password that AT&T sends you just to view your own messages and with the sender you don’t have to remember everybody’s freakin phone provider’s extension.

  29. Saul Ramirez says:

    Who want’s to remember all those service providers extensions and suffixes? I’m surprised that you guys haven’t heard about Send MMS by Before you start to make comments and so on, no I am not selling this product; it’s not mine and I am not spamming. Before I downloaded this program sending pics from the stupid i Phone was a nightmare first I had to get it jail-broken and then I had to download stupid Cyida or whatever its called then I bought like 5 different apps from the i tunes store which were hard to use or didn’t work at all! The app was so freaking easy to download and use and it only cost me $1.99 unlike some of the others that I downloaded for like 2.99 & $5.00. It’s is all over the internet and on you-tube. It works with all i phones including the first one and there is no need for hacking; the user interface is so slick too. Apple & AT&T are supposed to be releasing MMS for the 3G & the 3GS on the 25th of this month but even if that’s true there will be major slow downs, glitches, and problems with there network; and users with older i Phones won’t be able to. Go to and check it out, you won’t be sorry.

  30. sandrar says:

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

  31. sinister1 says:

    Its already out in some regions but not working properly at all; users with the 3.1 beta 3 version can send to other phones but not receive or send to other i Phones, what kinda $h!t is that? It’s like most 3rd party apps that you can download from the i-tunes store, they all can send but not receive from the i phone. There is only one app that can do that it’s from the people at and it’s called Send MMS puls they also offer View MMS for those of you that are tired of having to put in that stupid user name and password that AT&T sends you when you receive a text message. Also they offer tethering so you can use your phone as a modem to surf the net, something AT&T hasn’t even offered yet.

  32. Donna says:

    My new update for sending pics via my I phone still does not work starts sending then stalls out geeze! Frustrating

  33. Maycas03 says:

    My pic mail for my iPhone 3Gs is not working. Any suggestions?

  34. Norman says:

    You need to upgrade the software in iTune.

  35. sunshine says:

    My friend sent me some photos and a video to my email ‘yahoo’ from an i phone but when i download it nothing is showing. Can u tell me why this is? Also what programme can i use to open it?

  36. Norman says:

    Photos from iPhone can be opened with a lot of programs, videos opened with Quick time

  37. Nitharsan says:

    i cant find the camera icon next to the place where we usuallly type the message im usin a iphone 3g 3.1.2 and i have no idea anyone got a solution for this problem please help me.


  38. Norman says:

    Thanks for bring up this question.

    First go to settings and touch message, turn on MMS messaging at the third line. You will see the camera camera icon.

  39. johnhate says:

    is this usable in philippines???

  40. Norman says:

    Sorry, I don’t know, any body know?

  41. Altoids says:

    I’ve tried everything but my iPhone 3gs can send pictures but it wonte receive any pictures at all.

  42. Bugbabe says:

    Well I can receive them, just can’t send them. Ive got iPhone 4. Camera icon is there, but sending freezes at 95% sent! Any ideas? I’m on 3 mobile

  43. HDTV Guru says:

    It seems to me that the file is so big that you have to wait for some time when sending.

  44. Janet says:

    I have a iPhone 3G I’ve downloaded the update and have the camera icon. I recieve MMS messages however if more then two MMS items I am unable to forward them together. So I am unable to forward a photo with a audio file.

    Is there a fix?

  45. dec says:

    I have an iPhone 4 and i am trying to send a MMS but it gets to the very end and basicly pauses and dose not send,

    I dont have a 3G connection but i am connected to wifi.

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