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Best Rated LED LCD TVs to buy according to screen sizes


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The HDTV is one of most expensive consumer electronics and could easily cost over $2000 dollars.  There are hundreds of models around which cause a lot of confusion for average consumers.  For Sony 46-inch LED  and LCD TVs, there are more than six 2010 models available.  When you shop for a 46-inch Sony LCD TV, there are at least 6 models available.  Which one is for you?

The most important to buy a TV, in my opinion, is to select the model with best picture quality.  Experts often favor the TVs with novel features, but for an average consumer, you might never even bother to use those features.  In addition, the new features often involve technologies which are not mature and the TV could be less reliable as a matter of fact.

Many people like to set a budget for the TV.  To make it easier for you,  the Best TV under 1000 dollars and the best TVs under 500 dollars were selected.  These lists will be constantly evaluated and updated to reflect the current market conditions.

Another key factor to select TV is the room size and the lighting condition. For a small bedroom, 26-inch might be good.  For living room and family room, 40, 46-inch are the most popular sizes.  The ideal viewing distances can be calculated by the following formula:

  • The minimum size = Viewing distance / 3
  • The maximum size = viewing distance / 1.5

If the room is very bright, you need to buy a TV with deep black levels.  Samsung and Sony LED TVs often have very good black levels.  If you need to watch sports with many friends and family members, the viewing angle might be important to you.  Panasonic LED TVs use IPS panel that can deliver a larger viewing angle.

The major development of new HDTVs this year are the 3D HDTVs and Smart TVs.  If you are not interested in these new features, it is great to buy a last year’s model at a discount price.  On the other hand, if you prefer to have a 3D TV with Internet content, I would suggest you wait to buy later in the year.

According to many expert reviews and user reviews (e.g. consumer reports and reviews), the following LED, LCD TVs are the top picks of 55-inch, 52-inch, 46-inch, 40-inch, 37-inch, 32-inch and 26-inch LED, LCD TV based on the best quality and best value.

samsung un65c8000The Samsung UN65C8000 is a 65-inch 3D TV featuring built-in 3D processor and 2D to 3D conversion system; Edge-lit LED backlight with Seamless Dimming technology; 240Hz refresh rate; built-in Ethernet connection with Samsung Internet TV support and Samsung Apps.  The UN65C8000 has great 2D picture quality although the 3D viewing still needs some work.  The Samsung UN65D8000 is the newer model for this year.  The UN65D8000 has the same features with the Samsung UN55D8000 below.  The UN65D8000 will be available in the first half of this year.

  • Best 55-inch 3D LED TV

The Samsung UN55D8000 is the successor of the last year’s popular Samsung UN55C8000 with the some major improvement on the picture quality.  The  Samsung’s Micro Dimming Pro technology allows the more precise control of the back-light.  With the micro dimming, the top and bottom of the panel that receive less edge light, would have more uniformity.

If you are interested in Internet TV, Samsung and Sony offer the best solution. Samsung’s new  Smart TV includes Samsung Apps with a universal search and Web browser,  and built-in Wi-Fi.  The universal search can search across broadcast listings, networked PCs and mobile devices, and  Internet channels and Video on Demand services.

The UND8000 series also has a LCD Touch Control TV remote with a virtual QWERTY keypad and built-in Wi-Fi.

Read more on the specs and price of the Samsung UN55D8000.

vizio xvt473sv 47 led tvVizio XVT473SV 47″ TruLED LCD TV features VIA-Vizio Internet Apps; Built-in WiFi 802.11n Dual Band; Full HD 1080p resolution; 240Hz refresh rate and 10,000,000 dynamic contrast ratio

The XVT3SV series LCD TV is the first ever Vizio LCD TV rated as excellent on cnet.  “The Vizio XVT3SV series’ excellent picture quality, thoughtful design, scads of features, and reasonable price combine to make it the best value among high-end LED-based LCD TVs today.”  Read more details on the XVT473SV

sony 40EX500The Sony KDL-40EX500 has excellent picture quality, accurate colors and very good contrast.  The Sony Bravia KDL-40EX500 is very energy efficient with features such as Ambient Sensor and Light Sensor technology.  However, Sony KDL-40EX500 is not a LED LCD TV and does not have Internet contents.  The price is relatively high for its class.  Read review and best price of Sony KDL-40EX500.


The Panasonic Viera TC-L37C22 37-inch 720p LCD TV features a 18,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, Viera Image Viewer, Viera Link to control compatible AV devices with one remote, and Panasonic IPS (In Plane Switching) technology to give a wide viewing angle and a higher moving picture resolution.

The Sony 32EX720 is a 32-inch 3D LED TV featuring Full HD 1080p with Edge LED backlight in 2D and 3D, X-Reality Engine, Motionflow XR 240 Hz, Internet TV for streaming, WiFi ready (optional USB Wi-Fi ® UWA-BR100  sold separately) and Skype ready.

The 32EX720 has excellent Internet content with a total of 40 services including Netflix, Pandora, Hulu plus, YouTube and Skype.  In addition, it also has Sony’s music unlimited powered by Qriocity streaming service.  The service includes 6 million songs. Read here for the review of the Sony EX720 series. Buy the 32EX720 at the best price.

  • Best 26-inch LCD TV

  • ln26C450

    The Samsung LN26C450 features 720p resolution, a 60,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, and Wide Color Enhancer technology.   For smaller TV like 32-inch below, the 1080p  and 720p resolution don’t make a lot of difference and it is not necessary to have full HD 1080p.  While most of 26-inch LCD TVs have only two HDMI inputs, this sets have three and offers more connectivity. The LN26C450 has very good picture quality and deep black levels.

    For Reviews and best price of Samsung LN26C450, read here.

  • Best 19-inch LCD TV

samsung LN19c450The Samsung LN19C450 19-inch 720p LCD TV is a very good 19-inch LCD TV with great image quality.  Unlike many smaller LCD TVs, the LN19C450 has two HDMI inputs.  You can connect it with two AV devices using the HDMI inputs.  With Samsung’s Anynet you’ll enjoy one-touch control for all your HDMI-connected compatible devices like your Samsung TV, AV receiver, and home theater.

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22 Responses to “Best Rated LED LCD TVs to buy according to screen sizes”
  1. Mark says:

    Samsung should stop copying exactly what the japanese are doing.They should make their own design. dont copy panasonics LCD TV anymore. In Korea…. its common to copy japanese products in korea… cheap samsung.

  2. LOIS says:

    I just bought a Sanyo HDTV.. 42″. I have been reading up and can hardly find anything about SANYO’s Any comments? It looks really good. Only place I see it is Walmart.


  3. Netmark says:

    Lois, thanks for bring up Sanyo 42 LCD TV. This is an affordable set.

    Review from consumer reports:

    Very good picture quality across the board. Top-notch detail makes the most of the best HD programs. Images had good contrast. But the color is not very accurate. The audio quality is below other models.

  4. mark sanders says:

    Getting a Sony 46″ LCD. Does it have a surger protector built in? Do you suggest getting one?
    If so, how many Joules and would you suggest one that installs in the wall or the less expensive strip version?


  5. HDTV Geek says:

    The new Vizio XVT3SV series LED HDTV is great LED HDTV for the price: extensive Internet content and great picture quality at a bargain price. Check out

  6. Editor says:

    Generally, Vizio is the bargain brand, you can get best deals at Costco or amazon. Check both if you want to buy a set. Amazon has the largest selection. Costco sometimes have very good deals and also two years warranty.

  7. Paul says:

    Could you check the specs on the LG50PT350 , on your review you show it to be a 720 resolution, I have read on LG’s website that this series is 1080.

  8. Editor says:

    Hi Paul,

    This series is 720p. Amazon also indicated it is 720p. The LG site showed as 1024 x 768p. That is 720p.


  9. john cena says:

    I’m using a 32” LG LED TV having 120Hz and it’s fine for all my gaming,T.V programs.

  10. rahul says:

    The LG 42LG80FR not only looks better, but is also prettier than most LCD TVs from other manufacturers. In comparison, the Samsung L6 is the only other better-looking TV that comes to my mind. The most fascinating thing is the IPS panel which gives 178 degree viewing angle without any colour shift.

  11. i m having a LG’s LED TV having FPR technology, it’s really very nice there is no cross talk, no flickering, high refresh rate and the best part is wide range of viewing, thanks to LG…..


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